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Dazzlingly distinctive glass

Dazzlingly distinctive glass permeates your outdoor kitchen and entertainment spaces with light and bright glass surfaces! Whether colorful, embedded with textures, translucent, opaque, or backlit, we offer beautiful and unique custom glass countertops and recycled glass countertops designed for your vision!  Glass countertops create a stunning look and are equally durable as stone countertops. They are heat-resistant, stain-resistant, and scratch-resistant. Countertops made of glass are rapidly gaining popularity for renovations and brand-new construction. Recycled glass counters are eco-friendly and have a beautiful mosaic-like appearance. They are available in an infinite array of custom colors and can come in any shape or size. While recycled glass countertops are durable when sealed, they do not absorb any liquid whatsoever. Their durability makes them the ideal choice for your outdoor kitchen or bathroom. We are proud to partner with the best suppliers and offer stunning products and designs. Check out some of our featured recycled glass products. Like other surfaces, glass countertops or recycled glass coutertops can be custom-built to your design needs with a contemporary look or used as an accent, such as a raised breakfast bar on an island. We can even create backlit walls and backsplashes to enhance your space. What we love about outdoor glass countertops or recycled glass is that, while very practical for indoor and outdoor applications, it conveys an airy and contemporary style with light and brightness and offers a significantly different look from cold, hard stone surfaces. You can schedule an appointment or call us today for a free estimate of our services.

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